jeudi 29 septembre 2016


OLIVE TREE Line "LEAVES COLLECTION" #Goralska #GoralskaJoaillerie #HighJewelry #Paris
Thinking, meditating, coming back and breaking away, thoughts constantly swirl – uninterrupted motion, always the same and always different – like a perpetual force capable of recreating the world.


The jewel is inspired by nature; it draws from it the infinite richness of its materials. The Flame collection represents the sacred fire of our emotions. The fire which seizes control of our mind, our body, feeling the desire, the joy...Material of reflection, crackling of fear. This element often puts us back on the path to our destinies. Sensual and ethereal, flamboyant and delicate, the Flame collection perfectly captures the beauty of the element that inspired it. Gold and diamonds with dark sparkles adorn the jewels with a mysterious sensuality. The flames rise on the hand and their light stretches your fingers.
#RU Драгоценные камни несут в себе всю могущественную силу природы и олицетворяют бесконечное богатство жизни... Коллекция « Пламя » таит в себе священный огонь наших эмоций.
Огонь, который захватывает контроль над нашим разумом, нашим телом, чувствуя желание, радость... Отражение как всеобщее свойство материи, треск от страха. Это сопутствующий элемент наших судеб. Чувственная и неземная, яркая и нежная, коллекция Пламя прекрасно отражает вдохновляющую красоту главного элемента. Золото и бриллианты с темным блеском украшают ювелирные изделия таинственной чувственностью. Пламя поднимается по руке и его свет нежно расходится по пальцам…

jeudi 1 septembre 2016

Goralska Joaillerie Paris at #GstaadMenuhinFestival

On 2 and 3 September, under the tent of #GstaadMenuhinFestival, enjoy the two last "selling - exhibitions" of Goralska Jewelry.
--> Friday, 2 September 2016 at 7.30 pm
Beethoven4all – Symphony No. 9, Symphony & Choral Concert
The “last of symphonies” for Wagner, the incarnation of “European genius” for Wilhelm Furtwängler, Beethoven’s Ninth is one of the incontestable masterpieces and crowning points of Western art music. The Ode to Joy on a text by Schiller from the final movement is a fantastic hymn to freedom like none other. In body and spirit! #KristianBezuidenhout #Piano
--> Saturday, 3 September 2016 at 7.30 pm
Happy Happy Birthday Yehudi, GALA Symphony Concert
This is a concert that is sure to have Yehudi Menuhin dancing on his cloud! He loved the violin, but also new ideas, new discoveries, new combinations. Six spirited virtuosos, a number of who were his students, have come together to sing the most beautiful of birthday wishes. Icing on the cake is the world premiere of the “Hymn for Yehudi” composed especially for the event by jazz violinist Didier Lockwood.
#RobyLakatos#GillesApap#ValeriySokolov#VolkerBiesenbender,#DidierLockwood#Subramaniam - Violins
Berner Symphonieorchester
#PhilippeBach, Conductor

#GSTAADLIFE Final Summer Issue #CorinneEvens #Goralska

In this issue, GSTAADLIFE features articles on the Saanen Church renovation and local politics in addition to an interview with a really impressive and talented woman - Corinne Evens - the creator of "Goralska". #GoralskaJoaillerie #GoralskaResidencesParisBastille